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Adrian Garcia is a southern California based photographer, working in the grater Los Angeles area and beyond. 
Specializing in Lifestyle Photography.


A California Sate University Northridge graduate, Adrian received his BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in photography.  His passion for photography grew from the young age of 12, when his parents bought a family camera(35mm Film) which he quickly claimed as  his own. He used the camera to document family road trips and gatherings. This helped cultivate his interest in people and ultimately his decision to study photography. After having graduated he further refined his skills by joining the Richard Photo Lab team, where he learned all aspects of post production and was exposed to new work from many talented photographers.   


Adrian creates harmonious blends of movement and mood in a minimalist fashion. Idealizing his visions in both analog and digital formats. 






Tel: 1.323.532.4493

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